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Vacant Positions at the Irish Region


“When we decide to serve NA, we make a decision to help addicts find and maintain recovery” JFT, p.367.

Our primary purpose is to carry the message to the still suffering addict. The groups and areas have come together in the Irish region to help achieve this purpose. Through phone lines, H&I meetings, conventions, public relations work, the website, developing and distributing literature, and communicating with one another, we do our best to help others find recovery from the disease of addiction.

Please consider doing service or encouraging a sponsee or friend to do service in one of the following positions at the Irish Regional Service Committee and help us carry the message to more addicts.

  • IRCNA33 CHAIR (2018)

The convention in 2018 will be in the Northern Area


The convention in 2018 will be in the Northern Area

  • Vice-Chair

The vice-chair assists the chair of region in the running of business at the regional committee meetings, preparing the agenda, and other administrative duties. The vice-chair conducts the business of the meeting in the chair’s absence. The vice-chair also coordinates the functions of the various subcommittees and is a co-signer of the committee’s bank account. This is an important learning position, where the vice-chair can take over the position of chair after learning all the basics of the position and how to do it. The clean time requirement for this position is four years and the term is one year.

  • Vice-Treasurer

The vice-treasurer assists the treasurer in dealing with the region’s financial affairs. This includes receiving contributions from the areas, looking after the region’s bank account, paying the region’s expenses, keeping careful records of all transactions, and reporting on the financial condition of the regional committee at each of its meetings. This is a great position for someone who would like to become the treasurer of Region as they can learn how everything works over time and take over when the treasurer finishes. The clean time requirement for this position is three years and the term is one year.

  • Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) Coordinator

The H&I coordinator offers information, support and experience to each of the area H&I committees in their work carrying the message to those who can’t get to NA meetings, such as those in prisons, hospitals or treatment centres. This includes organising and conducting workshops and service learning days for groups and Areas as requested. The H&I coordinator is also responsible for dealing with any national issues relating to H&I work such as nationwide prison clearance or meeting with high level officials. It is expected that the person fulfilling this role will actively seek out opportunities to carry the NA message through H&I efforts on a regional level. This role would be perfect for someone with H&I experience who is looking to improve access to addicts in prison and treatment across the country. The clean time requirement for this position is five years and the term is two years.

  • Parents & Carers Chair

This position was created specifically to address the needs of  addicts seeking recovery who struggle to make regular meeting attendance due to family responsibilities. The parents and carers chair would liaise with each of the areas to try and establish more child-friendly meetings or to develop ways to help addicts struggling to get to meetings. The clean time requirement for this position is five years and the term is two years.

To put yourself forward you can attend the next regional meeting. The Regional Service Committee meets on the last Sunday of January, March, May July, September, November from 12:00 – 17:00 in the Blessed Sacrament, Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin.

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The Narcotics Anonymous Service Structure

The following is a brief description of the service units of Narcotics Anonymous, copied from A Guide to Local Services.

The NA Group

NA groups are local, informal associations of recovering addicts. They are the foundation of the NA service structure. Groups are formed for the primary purpose of carrying the NA message of recovery, and all their activities should reflect that purpose. Conducting Narcotics Anonymous meetings is the primary activity of an NA group. The group may conduct its own affairs in whatever way seems fit to its members, provided the group’s actions are consistent with NA’s Twelve Traditions, and do not adversely affect other groups or the entire NA Fellowship. In the conduct of the affairs of NA as a whole, the groups delegate to the rest of the service structure the responsibility for the fulfillment of NA services. Group service representatives (GSRs) are elected to participate on behalf of the groups in the area committee and the regional assembly.

The Area Service Committee (ASC)

The area committee is the primary means by which the services of a local NA community are administered. The area committee is composed of group service representatives, administrative officers (chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer), subcommittee chairpersons, and the area’s regional committee members. The area committee elects its own officers, subcommittee chairpersons, and RCMs.

The Regional Service Committee (RSC)

Regional service committees exist to pool the experience and resources of the areas and groups it serves. The RSC is composed of regional committee members (RCMs) elected by the region’s member-areas; these RCMs usually elect regional committee officers from among themselves. RSCs organize regional assemblies at which GSRs and RCMs discuss a wide range of service matters, including those likely to come before the World Service Conference, and may elect a regional delegate and alternate delegate.

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